Project management and time registration.

This tool helps you keep track of the projects and, not least, to record your time.
Your personal time registration.
If you need a system to keep track of projects and time, lessto projects is easy to get started with.
Simple and easy.
lessto-project is made as simple as possible, there are plenty of good systems with a lot of functions. Unfortunately, it often makes it to difficult to use.
Create a project
When you create a project, give it a name that can be freely changed. You specify a customer or what it should be associated with. A large text field is used to describe what the project is about.
Create project task
Under each project, you can create as many tasks as you like. You specify a description and a priority. A large text field is used to describe what the task is about and progress of the task.
Register time for the task
Enter date, description, spent hours and billable hours. There are not many who can remember what they did yesterday and not for a week's page. Lots of money can be lost on forgotten hours.
On projects and project task a status can be specified. Created, Waiting, Waiting Internal, Waiting external and finished.
Project list
All open project task is displayed first with link to project and the task. Below the list shows your open projects and your finished projects with date range.
Time sheet list
The time sheet list can be set to current month range or a free date range, with working hours and billable hours.
Time sheet list per project
For each project working hours and billable hours per month or a free date range.
lessto for the family
lessto project is perfect for keeping track of the whole family's agreements. Everyone logs in with the same login, writes their appointments and things to be done.
lessto for the family
Familie mail Hver morgen får alle i husstanden en mail om de aftaler som er i dag, i morgen og de vigtige ting fra "opgave krukken" som skal laves. Så ved alle at mor skal til tandlæge og far er i København. Marius skal aflevere engelsk stil og Sille skal til fodboldkamp. Nemt og enkelt.

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